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Dr. Kelly always listens to me very carefully.  Every time I leave his office - I am very pleased with how I feel.  I've never had a better Chiropractor!

   - Ressa Curry
     Phoenix, AZ

I have been a patient of Dr. Kelly S. Thompson for over twenty years.  I highly recommend his chiropractic practice.  He always knows just how to fix the kinks and make everything feel better.  I have been to several other chiropractors in the past and have not found one that I like as much as Dr. Thompson.  His techniques really do work and help me feel better almost immediately.  He genuinely cares about his patients' well being and wants to make them feel as good as possible.  His office manager, Fran, is also very helpful.  She does whatever she can to try to accommodate last minute appointments.  That is very important to me, since most of the time I do not plan when I am going to have a kink in my back!  I can usually get in the same day and have the problem fixed before it gets any worse.  Overall, Dr. Thompson is very professional and good at what he does.  I would recommend him to anyone.

  - Darlene M.
    Mesa, AZ

I have been going to Dr. Thompson for a long time and he has helped my recovery from several accidents.  I fell off a horse at a New Year's Eve party and hurt my lower back.  I was involved in a car racing accident and the car tipped over on its side, slamming my ribs into the car door.  In my last car accident, I was air lifted to ICU.  I had a lacerated liver, broken ribs and whiplash.  These accidents and a few more, have left me with upper back and neck pain and stiffness.  I trust Dr. Thompson to adjust my neck and back because he is very accurate and precise in his manipulations.  I have been to other chiropractors and none of them can relieve the pain and stiffness between my shoulder blades.  Dr. Thompson uses treatment techinques to help relax the muscles so he can easily put my back in alignment.  If you have bad posture, he can help that, too.  He helps mine.  The feeling I get from Dr. Thompson is that he is a caring person who wants to help people feel the best they can.  He helps me and I will bet he can help you, too.  Try him.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

   - M.S.
     Tempe, AZ

When my daughter first recommended Dr. Thompson to me, I thought, "just another chiropractor". Since then I have changed my thinking.  I first went to see Dr. Thompson because of pain to my lower back that was brought on by a road trip.  I currently have a job that requires me to be on my feet for a very long period of time, and with periodic treatment, I am able to do so without the painful back complaints that I used to experience.  Thank you, Dr. Thompson

  - Dorothy N. Johns
    Chandler, AZ

I have been visiting Dr. Thompson for nearly twenty years.  He has helped me to overcome injuries from sports and car accidents as well with the maintenance of my general body and spine well being. I am a triathlete and Dr. Thompson has been very helpful to me during training and in improving my recovery.  When entering the office, I can always count on a pleasant greeting from Fran. You can count on Dr. Thompson to help you with your chiropractic needs, as I have for nearly two decades now.

   - Shane Cook
     Gilbert, AZ

We have been going to Dr. Thompson for years and are so happy with him and his staff.  We would like to share our views with you.  Dr. Thompson's treatment is different depending on your ailment.  Whether you have a stiff neck to a shoulder pain or even a lower backache, he can precisely pinpoint the areas on your body that need help and help to eliminate these pains.  He spends the time with gentle manipulation and we always feel the results quickly.

We highly recommend our friends and family to him.  It never is a problem to get a quick appointment either.  We trust Dr. Thompson with his recommendations.

   - The Messengers   
     Gilbert, AZ

I recently came down with a very painful backache.  It felt like a knife was sticking in me every time I moved.  Dr. Thompson took care of the problem with one treatment.  It has been over a month now, and I haven't had any sharp back pains since.

   - C. Ben Boyd
     Tempe, AZ

Dr. Thompson has helped me out with a recurring problem in my back, shoulder and neck area.  It started out with severe headaches that I had for years, and a friend told me to go to Dr. Thompson.  He diagnosed my problem the very first time and I felt immediate relief.  The symptoms may come back If I do heavy lifting or a lot of yard work, but I know I can get relief with treatment from Dr. Thompson.

   - Ken Sundve  
     Gilbert, AZ

I first saw Dr. Thompson in December 2008, shortly after I moved to Mesa from Iowa.  My chiropractor in Iowa was making progress with my lower back area problems which I have had for years.  Since going to Dr. Thompson, my lower back problem is more stable than it has been for years.  I have never felt better.  Dr. Thompson knows exactly what to do when I indicate where I have pain.  I like the manipulation process Dr. Thompson uses by warming the area and using his method to relax the muscles so manipulation is easier and appears to be better.  I think a good chiropractor is as valuable in my situation as a medical doctor.  I highly recommend Dr. Thompson.

- Ron Wright
  Mesa, AZ

I have been a patient of Dr. Kelly Thompson's for nearly 15 years.  I was born with Spina Bifida and deal with a lot of pain.  Dr. Thompson always takes away the pain I deal with in my neck and shoulders.  I do not know what I would do without him in my life.  I appreciate the fact that I can call his office and get in the very same day!  He is THE BEST and kindest man!

   - Pamela Kaye Courteau 
     Mesa, AZ

I have adhesive capsulitis "frozen shoulder syndrome".  I've had several sessions and types of physical therapy treatments - hot & cold laser, ultrasound and massage along with different medications with no pain relief or increase in shoulder movement.

Two sessions with Dr. Thompson have given me significant increase in shoulder movement and pain relief.  His natural ability to manipulate and massage the human body along with his compassion for his patients and life are the reason he is the best and why he has been my chiropractor for the last five years.

   - Diane McDaniels 
     Mesa, AZ

I am 55 years of age and I have been going to chiropractors since my early 20's, due to car accident related injuries.  What I have learned is that not all chiropractors are equal regarding their service, their knowledge, or their bedside manner.  I've got some experience here because I have been to at least 15 different chiropractors in my lifetime.  Chiropractor number 15, Dr. Kelly Thompson, is my current doctor to whom I have been visiting for over 10 years.

I told a friend about my back problems and the fact that I was unable to move my right arm very well.  My arm hurt so bad that I could not even throw a light rubber ball for my, then 9 year old, son.  My friend told me about Dr. Thompson. The first thought that came to my mind was; what can he do that my other chiropractor couldn't?  Another doctor had told me that there was nothing that could be done for my arm and that I would have to live with the pain.

When I went to see Dr. Thompson,  I explained the problems I was experiencing and asked if there was hope to use my arm without pain again.  Dr. Thompson evaluated me and said that he thought he could help me.  You know what?  He did!!!

The difference I have found with Dr. Thompson is that he listens to me each and every time I come in so that he can understand what I need.  He will thoroughly explain why I am having the problem and has shown me how the muscles interact with each other so that I am able to better understand the cause and effect of my discomfort.  He also explains to me how he is going to treat my problem.

   - Susan Coartney   
     Mesa, AZ

I was having strange tingling symptoms in my neck and head.  I first went to a neurologist who ordered an MRI, found nothing wrong, diagnosed the condition as muscle tension headaches, and prescribed anti-depressants to relax my muscles.  Upon telling my husband the outcome, he was astonished about the prescription and said I should first see his chiropractor, Dr. Kelly Thompson, to diagnose the root of the problem.  Dr. Thompson determined my neck was out of alignment, which caused the unusual tingling and headaches.  Within 6 weeks, my symptoms were gone - without taking any medication.

Throughout my stressful career, I have been adjusted as tension headaches set it.  Dr. Thompson is very knowledgeable, gentle and honest.  He will tell you if a correction will take a few visits or one.  Often he says, "Come back when you need to."  So often I hear from other people that chiropractors just keep having you come in for an adjustment to make money.  This is not the case with Dr. Thompson.

In addition, the customer service of Dr. Thompson and his staff has been exceptional over the years.  They have frequently seen me at the last minute and worked me into the schedule. Dr. Thompson is never rushed; he provides a sufficient amount of time to answer my questions and concerns.  He explains how the symptoms are caused. I highly recommend Dr.Thompson.

   - Sheryl Currell
     Mesa, AZ

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  • "He does an amazing job helping to alleviate pain. I have used him for years on and off. I have referred many people to him and each of them also rave about his ability to relieve pain."
    michelle C. Mesa, AZ

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